OceanX Group is the leading provider a Consulting Services for water-related technology. Headquartered in Melbourne we provide B2B consulting services, Research & Development as well as inspection services with Weather monitoring solutions, Sensor applications, Drones and subsea deployment.

Our services

Engineering Consulting

We are leading provider of consulting services and integrated solutions to the international Water, Oil & Gas industry, as well as marine and drone technologies.

R&D Development

With extensive R&D capabilities, OceanX Group solves your technological requirements using innovative solutions based on the expertise most qualified Field Experts.

Underwater Inspection

OceanX Group partners with the leading underwater companies and provides extensive solutions for water structures inspection in Australia & New-Zealand.

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Job replaced by Automation (%):
Humans who have never explored our Oceans (%):
Cumulative 2015-2020 Global Market for Neural Network (Billions $):

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Presentation around the world

A billion drones deployed by 2030, announced the US futurist Thomas Frey.
Can we use these autonomous platforms to monitor pollution in our Oceans?
This talk was presented at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) for the PATW Victorian session.

OceanX Group Presenting @World of Drones Congress 2017!

OceanX Group team is proud to present the future of Drone Technology at the World of Drones Congress 2017! Book your tickets now, 31 August – 2 September, 2017, and discover the future of UAV in maritime applications. UAV Down Under: Emerging commercial applications for Marine Operations   Abstract: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are becoming increasingly […]

OceanX Group – Winner of The Velocity Program with the Melbourne Accelerator Program

OceanX Group has been selected for the Velocity Program with the Melbourne Accelerator Program! Another success for our team, we are really excited to participate!   23 June 2017 Induction 5 July 2017 Set your business goals, identify risks, assumptions and know the metrics that matter 12 July 2017 Impact Gaps Canvas* 10 August 2017 Customer segments, […]